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Microchip Network Stack

TCP/IP stack optimization, socket programming for handling of Telnet and Web requests to support RESTfull APIs and WebSockets. Developed front-end single-page application using JavaScript/HTML5 to make AJAX calls to the MCU in a dynamic manner.

Network Testbed

GrayStorm network testbed .

The project aims for a framework for unit tests and automated tests in a hybrid environment of physical and virtual servers, simulating ordinary users and different types of their legitimate bandwidth consumption, attackers’ flood traffic simulation, and edge routers in OSPF, BGP enabled network to be used further as a part of both unit tests and hardness test tools.

Network Visibility

Visualization of network traffic in L3 and L7 dimensions and ability to drill-through from one dimension to the other.

Project Goals in nutshell

  • Interactive/Real-time pie/bar charts using HTML5/AJAX
  • Ability to drill through from L3 to L7 and vice versa
  • Usage of Python and py-pf module as glue instead of Shell-Scripts and injecting firewall rules directly using pfctl.
  • Usage of Round Robin Databases to keep network monitoring data
  • We will use 4 different traffic patterns generated by iPerf and identifiable by a simple signature in L7 and for the sake of simplicity we won’t care about real network traffics for now.
  • Unmatched traffic must be shown in L7 pie as “Unknown”.


Agnatha project defined as a in-house software router taking advantage of most dominate current open-source projects in the subject and providing a production version to be used in company routing infrastructure..

Project Goals in nutshell

  • Designed test scenarios to minimize technical incidents in production time.
  • Participated as team leader in fine-tuning of FreeBSD network stack, trying different configurations of software and hardware, modifying parts of network stack or network interface device deriver.
  • Accomplished harness tests covered both hardware and software.
  • Engaged in securing production software routers.
  • Researched high-end network interfaces and new hardware.

Complex Networks

In the previous study, much attention from multidisciplinary fields have been devoted to understand the mechanism underlying Scholarly Network regardless of the impact that social networks and media can have formation and information flow in such networks. .

Social Networks along with new developments in “Network Science” enable researcher to gain more visibility about human interactions. On the other hand through scholarly network analysis, scientists and policy makers have gained unprecedented insights into the interaction of these research aggregates [1]. In this study we propose a novel network definition in which that unlike coauthor-ship, co-citation, bibliographic coupling, or co-words, that is, social network users are cause flow and thus demotion of relationship between two scholarly entity. This study further explores examines proposed network structure in both in terms of community structure and micro-level. We also correlate this network with citation network and validate our findings with our experimental data.

Microsoft CRM Maps

Microsoft Dynamic CRM 5 + Maps Addon.

This solution delivers Wireless Internet Service Providers to a complete visualizations of network coverage by different types of radio transceivers or wavelength, position of leads disqualified uncovered network area, tightly integration of Google Map to their on-premise Microsoft CRM solution and providing different statistical information regarding customer distances to each network